What's more satisfying than ruling the factions world? I know - Ruling 2 factions worlds! Maybe the next faction to rule the server and own the most land might be yours. In Factions, you can claim land, invite others to join in your faction, choose your allies, and start huge wars with other factions! A full list of commands can be found here.


Throw away your puny, inaccurate, low fire-rate bow and get something a little less ancient. Yes, that's right! Guns! No mods needed. Just sit back and let the custom resource pack download when you first join! Besides, who doesn't want a freakin' Minigun! Some guns include the almighty Minigun, the sexy hot Flamethrower (pun intended), and the beloved Desert Eagle (When you first join, you will have enough money to buy the Desert Eagle). Guns always make PvP and Factions more interesting!

Plot World

Tired of joining servers, spending a year building something, only to have your faction taken over and all your hard work destroyed? Create a plot and have it be protected forever, while getting creative mode when you work on your build! Plots are small areas of land that you can build whatever you want on. Invite others to edit on your plot, or work on it alone. The choice is yours...

PvP & PvE

Who doesn't like crushing your enemies in PvP, while getting wrecked by a creeper? What's Factions without war? Fight your friends to the death, or run 10,000 blocks away from Factions spawn and only face the wrath that survival brings - or DON'T run 10,000 blocks away from spawn and face what you would if you did run 10,000 block AND the wrath of a million players spamming you and your friends with minigun bullets (Yes, I love Miniguns).


    Budder Realms is a Factions Minecraft server for anyone of all ages to play on. Become the best faction on the server, rule the world and fight for victory! Sure there are many other factions servers you can join, but they are missing something that every Minecraft factions server needs: Guns! And not just that: Guns in vanilla Minecraft! When you join the server, it will prompt you to install a resource pack! If you click "Yes", the guns will look like real guns!

    If you are not the PVP type of person, you can always create a plot in the plot world! Plots are areas where you can build in creative and only people you allow can edit them. What are you waiting for? Join the server and be amazed! Have Fun!